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Our experienced corporate and commercial lawyers appreciate that no two companies or commercial law matters are the same and while litigation may not be an avenue that your company would necessarily choose to be involved in, if circumstances dictate that you do become involved in a commercial dispute, then we have the experience and expertise to assist you.

Australian companies operate in a highly regulated corporate environment and claims including class actions are becoming increasingly common.

In addition, investigations by government bodies such as ASIC and the ACCC also regularly impose demands on companies both in terms of compliance and public exposure. We have experience in all areas of company law and commercial litigation and can advise and assist you from inception to resolution of any commercial dispute.

We Excel at Minimising Risk

Sometimes, despite everyone’s best efforts, your company may become involved in a commercial dispute. If this occurs it is essential that you have legal advisers with appropriate experience and sound judgment who can guide you through the dispute resolution process, protect your company’s reputation in the marketplace and advise any additional matters such as regulatory compliance that may arise.

Our Sydney lawyers are skilled at assisting commercial clients in minimising risk and maximising outcome. We can provide you with a full assessment of your options, the risks involved in different courses of action and we can partner with you to devise and develop strategies to help you achieve outcomes that are both cost-effective and most important, targeted to your particular circumstances.

If Litigation Cannot Be Avoided

As the saying goes – Life wasn’t meant to be perfect …. And while we always try to avoid litigation if at all possible and to achieve a negotiated outcome on best terms, sometimes despite our best efforts and those of our clients litigation is the only way of reaching a resolution.

Rest assured we will never recommend litigation if we do consider there is any other viable option available. However, if it does become necessary to commence litigation on your behalf, or you find yourself being joined to litigation by another party, we will utilise our considerable expertise to ensure that your matter is conducted efficiently, cost effectively and thoroughly.

We have experience in all company law jurisdictions including the conduct of proceedings in the Supreme Court of NSW and the Federal Court of Australia.

If you need advice in relation to a commercial litigation matter please feel free to contact us by phone or email to discuss your concerns and one of our experienced commercial lawyers will be able to assist.

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